Updates on our activities and new products.

Our Craft

Damona brings you premium dairy free vegan cheeses created using similar methods as traditional dairy cheeses, offering an exciting and endless range of possibilities.
A new field that’s currently opening up and we feel is going to dominate the dairy free cheese market soon, is plant based milk cheeses that have been made the same way as traditional dairy cheeses. There are different ingredients and processes needed to make this possible and is extremely exciting! An endless range of possibilities are there.

We work continuously to develop and improve new and existing recipes and techniques of manufacturing, in order to stay ahead and make the best products possible. As this is an emerging industry it’s difficult to compare to and learn from anyone else, everything we learn is through trial and error, which is challenging, very exciting and rewarding.

Manufacturing these types of cheeses on a large scale takes time, love and money, and we have scaled up to meet the ever increasing demand. The positive response we have received from the market place is proof enough consumers are as discerning as ever when it comes to quality products that meet a growing demand.

Martin Soerensen

Director & Creator