Premium Dairy Free Cheeses created using similar techniques to traditional cheese making methods, offering an exciting and endless range of possibilities.

Damona Divine Cow was the original name of Damona Dairy Free, and was created by Martin Soerensen, of Norway, and wife Rosa in Melbourne, Australia 2015. The name and the logo represents a vision that the cow, and all creatures, is sacred and should be loved and respected. Today there are many plant based alternatives to meat and dairy products, and we at Damona are excited to be a part of this shift away from animal cruelty and exploitation.

We love good food and found that there was very few quality dairy free
vegan alternatives to traditional cheeses that tick all the boxes; hand
made by people that care and love what they do; a great range of
flavours and styles; excellent on a cheese board; everyone can enjoy
(even dairy cheese lovers); and that the cheeses melt and taste great!

We care about health and the environment, and although our products are made for indulgence and enjoyment, our ingredients are organic and locally produced when available. We don’t use any GM ingredients in our products.The cheeses are all hand made and packed, so slight variations in colour, flavour, texture and shape is to be expected, but they are always made with love and care.

We are continually striving to be the best at what we do, and to create the best range of dairy free cheeses available.

Suitable for Non Dairy, Lactose Free, Plant Based and Vegan Diets.

Making Damona Dairy Free Vegan Cheese
Damona Dairy Free Vegan Cheese Manufacturing